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Moving into an aged care home may require one-off payments or deposits, as well as ongoing fees for your care, accommodation and daily living expenses. We welcome all prospective residents at Warrina Aged Care no matter their financial situation. There are strong protections in place to make sure that care is affordable for everyone. The Government sets the maximum fees for care and daily living expenses, and there are also rules about how much you can be asked to pay for your accommodation.

Fees & Charges

Accommodation fees cover daily living costs such as meals, linen, laundry, electricity personal and nursing care. They are paid by all residents, whether they’re receiving low or high care, and are determined by the Federal Government Department of Human Services (DHS). The daily fee of $52.25 per day includes:

  • A basic daily fee: is applicable to all residents (including those in respite care). It is set by the Department of Human Services as a contribution to cover the costs of daily living. This fee is set at 85% of the basic single pension and is reviewed every six months.
  • A means tested fee for residents who have been assessed by the government as being required to contribute to the cost of their care. This is not applicable to all residents.
  • Where determined by Centrelink or DVA, a Daily Accommodation Payment or Refundable Accommodation Deposit.

Daily Accommodation Payments and Refundable Accommodation Deposits

When entering an aged care home the government will make an assessment of a care recipient’s income and assets to determine whether or not a resident has to contribute towards their accommodation costs.

Prospective residents, who have been assessed as requiring to contribute, have the option of paying a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (a lump sum payment  refundable on exit), a Daily Accommodation Payment (a daily rental type payment) or a combination of the two.

The Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is determined by the facility and the Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is calculated on an interest rate on the amount of any RAD that remains unpaid (either in full or in part).

Payment Options

The maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit payable for a single room with ensuite at Warrina Aged Care is $380,000 or a maximum Daily Accommodation Payment of $42.68 per day.

Maximum Permissible Interest rate (MPIR) of 4.10% as at the 1st July 2020.

Residents may choose to pay a combination of a RAD and a DAP. For example residents may pay half the RAD ($190,000) and the remainder as a DAP ($21.34 per day)

You can find a fee calculator and other useful information at the My Aged Care website (here).