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Privacy Statement

Jamia Healthcare as the registered Approved Provider for residential aged care operating as Warrina Aged Care (“Warrina”) values your privacy. This privacy statement is a summary of the way in which Warrina handles information about individuals.

Warrina is an entity that adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Amendment Act, 2012 that became effective on March 12, 2014. A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles is available for viewing from the main office and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

In order that we may properly attend to our consumer’s needs we will need to request information that may be of a personal or sensitive nature. Warrina understands and respects the consumer’s right to privacy and this document has been prepared to advise you of how we deal with information that we collect.

What information is collected? Prior to admission we will be asking questions about how to assist in the provision of services. We collect personal information directly from individuals where possible. However, in some circumstances we may collect the information from organisations that refer individuals to us, from health service providers, or from relatives of the consumer entering care. We do this in order to have information to provide our services. The information may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:- The consumer’s name and address details, date of birth and other contact details;-  Details of medical practitioner(s) and other health care professionals;-  Information with respect to any current health and medical history;- Financial information including health insurance details;-  Details of family members including spouse, next of kin, relatives, guardians and   persons we may need to contact in an emergency;-  Other applicable health information and personal information to provide service to the consumer. The main purpose as to why we collect this information is to enable the provision of services. The information may also be used for internal business purposes such as quality assurance. While the consumer is receiving services from us we may also be recording information about that is necessary for us to provide services.

What do we do with the information we collect?Any information that we may collect is placed in a file which is kept secure at all times. We make every effort  to ensure that only people who need to provide services for our consumers access their file.

Who has access to the information collected? Only those people who need to refer to your file can have access. This will include staff who care for our consumers. Staff and others who may from time to time need to refer to the files to assist in providing services. This may include some people who are not staff of our organisation but whom it is necessary for us to discuss a case in order to properly provide a service.

Warrina will only disclose personal information outside of its operations to other health service providers as part of the provision of health services; to relatives, guardian or attorneys unless the consumer or their representative asks us to not disclose information to them; to contractors or agents who we engage as part of our provision of services, or to organisations that provide services to us such as our legal advisers; to government agencies that provide funding, to other aged care service providers that provide or may provide services related to our residents/consumers.

Information is not generally disclosed to overseas recipients unless required to do so by law or in order to provide a service to residents or consumers.

How is my information protected? All personal information held will be continually supervised and securely stored. Only authorised staff will have access to records.

Can a consumer access their records? Any consumer/resident may at any time request access to information we hold about them and, under the Australian Privacy Principles, have a right to access personal information held about them, and to contact or update the information if they can confirm that it is not correct. A request for access is required in writing. Please contact our Privacy Officer (refer contact details below) for the process to request information. We may require proof of identity before information is released and/or accessed under supervision may apply in some circumstances. Warrina may refuse a request for release of or access to information, because if, in the opinion of the management, the request is vexatious or frivolous; or if the purpose is for obtaining information which may be used against the organisation in legal proceedings; or if the release of information is prevented by law or which is likely to prejudice lawful enquiries. Furthermore, information will not be released if the release of such information is likely to endanger the life, health or safety of any individual, including the person requesting the information and the person about whom release of the information is sought. If you have a concern about how your personal or sensitive information is handled or believe there has been a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles contact the Privacy Officer (details below) who will investigate your concern.

What if l require further information?If you wish to know more about how we deal with Privacy Issues please speak to our Privacy Officer or refer to our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy. It is available for you to read at your request. Our contact details are:

Tel: 03 5428 1348

email: info@warrinaagedcare.com.au